Item #H17750 Group of 31 offprints of articles on logic, philosophy, etc, from the collection of Wilfrid Sellars. Jaakko Hintikka.

Group of 31 offprints of articles on logic, philosophy, etc, from the collection of Wilfrid Sellars

Paperback. All very good in wraps, some of them with "Hintikka" written in pencil on covers by Sellars, and at least one with Sellars' signature. Hintikka was one of the premier philosophers of the 20th century. He studied under von Wright and developed logical systems that are still being taught today. Hintikka is regarded as the founder of formal epistemic logic and of game semantics for logic. Early in his career, he devised a semantics of modal logic essentially analogous to Saul Kripke's frame semantics, and discovered the now widely taught semantic tableau, independently of Evert Willem Beth. Later, he worked mainly on game semantics, and on independence-friendly logic, known for its "branching quantifiers", which he believed do better justice to our intuitions about quantifiers than does conventional first-order logic. Sellars, of course, is also one of the foremost analytical philosophers of the 20th century. Includes: Kant on the Analytical Method (1967), Semantical Games and Transcendental Arguments (1982), Objects of Knowledge and Belief...I: The Distinction and its Logic (1970), Quantification and the Picture Theory of Language (1969), Language-Games (1976?), On Semantic Information (1970), Knowledge, Belief and Logical Consequence (1970), Distributive Normal Forms in the Calculus of Predicates (1953), "Knowing that one Knows" Reviewed (1970), Are Logical Truths Tautologies? (nd), Vicious Circle Principle and the Paradoxes (1957), The Intentions of Intentionality (1976), Transcendental Arguments Revived (1982, in French and English), Distributive Normal Forms in First-Order Logic (1963), Are Logical Truths Analytic? (1965), An Aristotelian Dilemma (1959), Cogito, Ergo Sum: Inference or Performance? (1962) and others. Very Good. Item #H17750

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