Item #H18157 Lecture on Sanno Worship

Lecture on Sanno Worship

Otsu - Kyoto: Enryakuji Research Institute, 1958. Paperback. Printed in Showa 33, 1958. 8vo, wraps, very good, text in Japanese. Published at the Tendai monastery located on Mt. Kiei in Otsu near Kyoto. Sanno Shinko is a belief of Shinto originated from Hiyoshi Taisha shrine at the foot of Mt. Hiei (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture). Shrines named like Hiyoshijinja Shrine, Hiejinja Shrine, and Sannojinja Shrine are branched from Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine based on the belief in the mountain deity, which is called Sanno Shinko belief, and there are approximately 3,800 brunch shrines throughout Japan enshrining Ooyamakuinokami and Oomononushinokami (or Okuninushinokami). During the amalgamation of Buddhism with the indigenous religion Shinto, the shrines were named Sanno, Sanno-Gongen, Hiyoshi-Sanno, and the like, and now they are nicknamed Sanno-san. Monkey is considered the sacred messenger from the deities. Very Good. Item #H18157

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