The Queenstown Mourner - 1850s American song sheet. American song sheet.
The Queenstown Mourner - 1850s American song sheet

The Queenstown Mourner - 1850s American song sheet

(Lowell?): "Sold at No. 9 Commercial Sq., over Patch's Auct'n Room, Lowell" Ca. 1850. 8.5 x 6.75 inches, fair to good, some evidence that this has been trimmed and that it originally had a decorative border. The only other located copy is at Brown University and is considerably larger, no doubt because it has its border and apparently the publisher's information, that this was done in Lowell, MA (which makes sense as it was found in an album that had other Lowell imprints). The Brown copy is 37 cm tall whereas this copy is 21.5 cm tall. The ballad is also known by the names "In the Town of Danville" or "In the Township of Danville," "The Dunville Girl" and "The Queenstown Warning" by which names it has Roud and/or Law numbers. In it, the singer tells of his courtship to a fine young girl, stressing his unworthiness and poverty. They are wed even so, but the wife dies suddenly. The ballad stresses its moralistic conclusion that life is short. Dunville and Danville are both in Vermont. Fair. Item #H19188

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